About Us

Exceptional Engineering Creates Exceptional Products.

Why Tidal Wake


  • There is something about being on the water that brings people together and creates lifetime memories. Tidal wants to help create those moments.
  • Your time on the water is precious. We aim to help create the ideal boating experience for you and your family.
  • We know boating. We value the fun we have on the water and want you to have that too.
  • We are driven to bring you the best recreational boating accessories and innovative water gear on the market.

Shop our expertly designed products and make the most out of your time on the lake.


Tidal Wake was created by brother and sister team Patrick McNaughton and Jamie McNaughton. As kids, there could never be enough time on or in the water whether it was a weekend at Grandpa’s cabin, running through a sprinkler or at local beach or swimming pool. Patrick saved for his first boat as soon as he had a car to tow it. He became a competitive jet skier, water skier and wind surfer.  An accomplished inventor, Patrick solves problems and inconveniences in creating products that offer solutions and holds dozens of patents. 


The McNaughtons have continued their love of the water by developing and patenting numerous products which make life easier, better, safer and more fun on the water.

Our Values

Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability to our Customers, our Associates and everyone who touches our business is the way we operate every minute of every day.


We Value our relationships and promote a respectful, empowering, inclusive and loving culture and experience.


We value high quality and functionality in our products.


We value financial sustainability in our business, for our customers and our associates.


We value environmental sustainability for our planet.


We value Family, Friends, Faith and Fun.

"You guys have great customer service!"

Bryan in Minnesota

"I would recommend your wake shaper to anybody who has a Malibu VLX"

Truly, Craig in Washington

"You guys have great customer service!"

Tidal Wake Customer

"The Tidal Wake Shaper is for real people! ... Best add-on we’ve ever purchased for our boat hands down! My family thanks you Tidal Wake! "

Joe in Utah

I ordered a Tidal Wake XLR8 about month ago and have been extremely pleased with the this product and the company as a whole. Jamie was very helpful in offering support for their product when I had questions, and the wave that the XLR8 creates has us surfing and enjoying the water in a new, and fun way. If you are considering purchasing a Wake Shaper you should definitely consider a Tidal Wake! Five Stars from me!!!!

Drew H, Idaho