What is the Difference between GENR8 and XLR8?


What is the Difference between GENR8 and XLR8?


First of all, both of them will throw an awesome, bigger, cleaner wake; they just work in different ways.


GENR8 disrupts the water flow and deconstructs the wake. This allows the water flow on the surf side of the boat to generate a larger, cleaner wake.


GENR8 will make the best wake on the most brands and styles of boats. Why? Because the fin can be configured in 4 ways. You can try each configuration to fine tune and create the best wake for your boat and hull style.


GENR8 uses engineered pressure activated suction cups for a quick, easy attachment and has a convenient release tab for easy removal.


XLR8 has a slightly larger fin with a center channel and is mounted at a different angle to elongate the water flow, accelerating it away from the boat. This allows the wake on the surf side to clean up and grow.  Best for both wake and skim style riders.  It is simple with a single configuration and throws an awesome wake. Engineered suction cups are the strongest on the market; so strong, we had to add a tab to peel them off!


BOTH models have tool-free removable fins.

BOTH models lay flat in a "glove-box" sized tote bag.

BOTH models FLOAT.

BOTH are Made in the USA and have a 1 Year Warranty and exceptional customer service support.

How does Tidal Wake work?

Tidal Wake Shaper attaches to the side of your boat and disrupts the water flow that extends behind the boat, creating the wake.  When the wake on one side of the boat is destructed, the wake on the other side of the boat can grow. The big Surf Wake is generated on the opposite side of the boat where the Tidal Wake Shaper is installed.

Do I have to modify my boat?

NO! That is a great thing about Tidal Wake Portable Wake Shaper. It simply attaches to the hull of your boat with custom engineered Tidal Wake Pro-suction cups. They are super strong and will not leave any marks on your hull. When you are done surfing, simply lift the levers and remove Tidal Wake.

Can I adjust the wake?

YES! Different hull and Wake Shaper configurations will result in different wake profiles. Mount Tidal Wake at the waterline on the side of your hull as far back towards the stern as possible. Try the wake and adjust from there. It is ideal if Tidal Wake is fully submerged 2-3" under the water when you are at your desired speed. No more than 13 mph.

Tidal Wake’s Fin is easily reversible. When you reverse the fin, you get a different angle and a different wake. In addition,  you can reverse the direction of the Wake Shaper and will get different results, as well. In total, that is 4 different configurations for each side of the boat. You can also move Tidal Wake to different places forward and aft on the hull to further tune-in your wake profile.

Do I need any tools?

None! Tidal Wake attaches to your boat without tools and you can change the fin without tools. Our proprietary locking mechanism requires a simple twist of the locking tab to release or lock-in the fin.

Does it Float?

YES, like a bobber! However, we suggest using a lanyard in the event you accidentally forget to remove your Tidal Wake and take off across the lake for a cruise. The suction cups are super strong, but Tidal Wake is not made for high speed boating. In the event you forgot about this little buddy, and it comes off your boat,  a lanyard will assure you still have it instead of retracing your tracks on a search mission. By the way, our lanyard is designed for low-re-coil, meaning that when deployed, the incidence of it bouncing back at you is substantially reduced. Another Fun Fact -- the rotating lanyard loop allows you to move the lanyard attachment to a good position based on where you are mounting your Tidal Wake. This prevents having to route the lanyard around your Wake Shaper.

How do I store my Wake Shaper on my boat?

Great Question! That is one of the best features of Tidal Wake. Big Wake performance on the Boat, Compact Storage in its Tote. Because Tidal Wake’s fin is removable it stores in a compact footprint. Simply remove the fin and place it in the fin pocket of the bag, then slide in the body, & zip it shut.   Tidal Wake Shaper's compact tote will fit in many glove boxes. Tote size is roughly 14 x 4 x 8.

How do I get rid of my perma-smile when I am surfing on a Tidal Wake?

You don’t have to! Just Enjoy!

We want to see the Wake You Make!

Send photos of your awesome ride on your gnarly wake!  Be sure to tell us what kind of boat you have and any other details helpful to other surfers (location on your boat, fin configuration scooping or shedding, Fin to the bow or fin to the aft). If we use your photo, we will send you a free Tidal Wake T-shirt. Be sure to let us know your size (men's or women's).

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