Wake Surf

Wake Surf

Create an awesome, clean wake surfing wave with our
High- Performance Wake Surf Shaper and Portable & Pumpless Ballast.
We have the Gear and Accessories for Wake Surfers!


Want to generate an AWESOME SURF WAVE behind YOUR BOAT? XLR8 is wedge style wake shaper that suction-cups to the side of your boat.   Engineered for inboard, “V” or forward drive boats, the INGENIOUS FIN DESIGN redirects and accelerates water flow away from the boat to create big, clean wakes on the surfside.  Two angled, directional tunnel fin acts like a power funnel, making the wake up to 50% faster. This extra-large fin channel water further back for MORE PUSH and a LONGER SWEET SPOT.

Easy for one person to install from inside the boat and quick to move from side-to-side to accommodate both regular and goofy stance surfers.  XLR8 has super-strong engineered suction cups and a tool-free removable fin that lays flat in its tote so it FITS IN YOUR GLOVE BOX when not in use.  And No Worries if you drop it in the water — IT FLOATS!




Purposeful and playful wake surf accessories to help you have the most FUN on the water!

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