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Coming Soon- Model: GENR8 - $289

Create awesome wakes on more brands & models of boats. The only Wake Shaper with a tool-free, reversible Fin that enables 1 device to create 4 different wake surf set-ups. Even amps-up boats with built-in surf system. Huge performance with a compact “glove box” storage in its tote! Engineered pressure activated suction cups are easy to attach, stay in place and remove to switch sides in seconds.  Designed to fit your new or used inboard, V-drive or forward drive boat hull. Love the Wake You Make!  Available in six color combinations with Black, Silver, Blue and Red.  PATENT PENDING.
















How Are They The Same? 

  • Custom Engineered Commercial Grade Suction Cups

  • Fin removes without tools for compact storage in a tote

  • An Open Easy Grip Handle

  • Hydrodynamic Body Design to channel water towards the fin

  • Tool-Free System for changing and locking the fin

  • Rotating Lanyard Loop so the lanyard can be attached on either side of the unit

  • Available in Fun Color Combinations

  • Easy-to-carry tote with fin pocket for Compact "glove-box" sized  Storage


Color Options

Turn Your Boat into a Surf Machine!  Engineered Wedge-Style performance shaper that is easy for 1 person to install from inside the boat plus compact “glove-box” size storage. Best shaper for both skim & surf style riders. Patent pending design grows & accelerates your wake for a larger sweet spot with more push.  Great for big air, tricks & more wake to play with for those new to the sport.  Strongest suction cups on the market make it easy to switch to either side of the boat & It Floats. Tool-Free removable fin makes for easy, compact storage when not in use.  XLR8 has less drag, a lower RPM at surf speeds, 
less wear and tear and uses less fuel.  Made in USA.  Color Options: Silver Body with Metallic Black, Metallic Red or Metallic Blue Fin.  PATENTED.

Other shapers are "water deflectors". XLR8 is a "Water Director" managing water flow eith engineered shapes not flat, plastic panels.




How Are They Different?

GENR8 - Makes the Best Wakes on More Brands and Styles of Boats with 4 different configurations to deconstruct the wake so a larger wake generates on the surf-side of the boat. The fin is reversible and removable without tools.


XLR8-$199!- Ready, Set, Surf! Best for both Surf and Skim style riders. Larger fin elongates and accelerates the water flow and allows the surf-side wake to grow. Creates a big, clean wake with a long sweet spot and more push. Strongest suction cups on the market. The fin is removable without tools and compactly stores in a tote the size of most glove boxes.

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